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Dr Amirbahram Arabahmadi from the University of Teheran
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Ewa Wołk

Ewa Wołk, Ph.D.


1985-1986, scholarship, Addis Ababa University (Ethiopia).

1987-1988, course of Amharic Literature at the School of Oriental and African Studies (UK).

1990, M.A. in Ethiopian Studies: "The Infinitive in Amharic", supervisors: Prof. Joanna Mantel-Niećko, Prof. Eugeniusz Rzewuski.

2002, a four-month research visit to Ethiopia.

2003, Ph.D. in African Studies: "Conceptualization of the Sphere of Personal Relations in Amharic", supervisor: Prof. Joanna Mantel-Niećko.

2004/2005, affiliation as a visiting scholar at the University of Addis Ababa (Ethiopia).


2002-2003, realization of the project financed by the Polish Committee for Scientific ResearchAnaliza form adresu jako odzwierciedlenie przekształceń socjolingwistycznych w Etiopii na przestrzeni XX wieku;

2003, participation in the 15th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies in Hamburg and presenting a paper Change in Use of Certain Forms of Address in Amharic;

2003-2006, participation in a project financed by the Polish Committee for Scientific Research: Organizacja gospodarczo-społeczna i polityczna państwa etiopskiego w czasach nowożytnych; 

2005-2008, membership in the Commission for the Social Well-being of the University of Warsaw;

2006, co-organization and participation in the International Conference: “European Schools od Ethiopian Studies; Poland and Germany” housed jointly by UW in Warsaw and WSH in Pułtusk and presenting a paper Amharic Forms of Address. Part I: Terms Used in Nuclear Family; a monthly stay at the Encyclopaedia Aethiopica project in Asien-Afrika Institut of Hamburg University;

2007, participation in the 16th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies in Trondheim and presenting a paper A Hundred Ways of Expressing Positive and Negative Emotions in Amharic; 

2007-2008, participation in the project financed by the Polish Committee for Scientific Research “Symbolika języka emocji w kulturach Azji i Afryki” and presenting a paper Positive and Negative Emotions Encoded in Amharic Forms of Address at the international conference organized in connection with the project.


Basic and advanced Amharic course, Ethiopian literature in Amharic.

Ongoing research

modern Amharic in sociolinguistic perspective focused on the social identity of citizens of the multiethnic Ethiopia, as well as contemporary fictional literature in Amharic.