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3rd Symposium on West African Languages  (SyWAL 2018)

Languages of West Africa. Linguistic theory and communication


Warsaw 26-29 September, 2018


SyWAL 2018 aims to cover all aspects of studies on African languages spoken in West Africa and West African languages used elsewhere. We invite papers discussing the topics related (but not limited) to the following research areas: descriptive linguistics of individual languages, typology and comparative linguistics, sociolinguistics, contact phenomena, cultural linguistics, computational linguistics, gestures and sign languages, discursive variants and language registers.

The first edition of the Symposium (SyWAL 2014) took place in Naples and was organized by Dipartimento Asia, Africa e MediterraneoUniversità di Napoli “L’Orientale,  the second edition (SyWAL 2016) was held at the Institut für AfrikawissenschaftenUniversität Wien. The third edition (SyWAL 2018) will be organized in Poland by Katedra Języków i Kultur Afryki Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego. The conference will take place on the premises of the University of Warsaw. The working language is English.   

Participants are encouraged – but not required – to present the papers related to the topics of the following panels (full details can be found clicking on the panel title):

Invited speakers:

  • Aliyu Muhammadu BUNZA: Federal University Gusau, Zamfara State, Nigeria
  • Bernard CARON: IFRA/University of Ibadan, Nigeria
  • Valentin VYDRIN: INALCO/St. Petersburg State University

Conference fee

The conference fee is 80 Euro (50 Euro for students/PhD students). It includes conference materials, refreshments and publication of the selected papers.

Conference fee should be paid by bank transfer before 31st August, 2018 to the University of Warsaw bank account. Please indicate the acronym of the conference and your name in the transfer description, i.e.: “SyWAL2018, conference fee for Mr/Ms. .................”

name of the account holder: Uniwersytet Warszawski

address of the account holder: Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28, PL 00-927 Warszawa

name of the bank: Bank Millenium


account no. PL 64 1160 2202 0000 0000 6084 9207


The easiest way to book accommodation in Warsaw is to use one of the international hotel booking websites such as Booking.com or Trivago.

All major international hotel companies such as MarriottSheratonHiltonCampanile etc. have their hotels in Warsaw, however these are usually located within 20-30 minutes bus ride from the Warsaw University camps.

Some of the hotels located in the immediate vicinity of the conference venue are: Fest Hostel, Harenda, Hostel Helvetia

We can offer a limited number of rooms at HERA hotel situated at Belwederska 26/30 street. It is a University of Warsaw guesthouse situated at the heart of Warsaw, close to the popular Łazienki Park with good access to other parts of the city. There is a reliable and steady public transportation from HERA to the university campus. The price of a single room (with a lavatory) at HERA is 80 PLN per night, the price of a double room is 180 (with a bathroom) and 140 PLN (with a lavatory). Please note that these are reduced prices for University of Warsaw guests upon the condition that we make room reservation for you. If you intend to stay at the HERA hotel, please send us the exact schedule of your arrival and departure not later than 15 June 2018 so that we can make the booking for you.

Organizing committee: Nina Pawlak (n.pawlak@uw.edu.pl ), Izabela Will (i.will@uw.edu.pl)

Scientific committee: Sergio Baldi, Georg Ziegelmeyer, Anne Storch, Nina Pawlak

Panel coordinators: Olga Frąckiewicz, Joseph McIntyre, Judith Mgbamena, Nina Pawlak, Anne Storch, Nina Sumbatova, Izabela Will, Valentin Vydrin, Georg Ziegelmeyer